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Date 02 / 2003
Client Clarion Events Deutschland GmbH
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“SURVEY Markt- und Produktanalysen” becomes “SURVEY Marketing + Consulting”

New Name Reflects Changed Profile and Growing Internationalization Investments, advancement, expansion – in these times no business can afford to simply maintain the status quo. This also applies to the SURVEY company (Bielefeld, Germany), which has gained a reputation as the organizer of the trade show “ZOW Zuliefermesse Ost-Westfalen“ beginning with its incorporation in 1993 and is now known far beyond regional boundaries. The renaming of “SURVEY Gesellschaft für Markt- und Produktanalysen mbH & Co“ into “SURVEY Marketing + Consulting GmbH & Co. KG“ is the company’s reaction to changed conditions on the marketplace and a way of setting new priorities.

The SURVEY GmbH & Co, which celebrated its tenth anniversary on January 1st, 2003, became first known as the organizer of the ZOW events. Since the inception of the “ZOW Zulieferermesse Ost-Westfalen“ in 1995, this event has become a fixture in the annual schedule of suppliers for the furniture industry and interior design. In the past year, the ZOW attracted 580 exhibitors and 12,500 industry visitors to the Messezentrum in Bad Salzuflen (Germany).

After the ZOW in Bad Salzuflen has developed into the leading regional meeting place for the industry in Central Europe, SURVEY laid the foundation for its international trade show involvement in 2001, which means a secure targeting of markets, channeling a rush of visitors, and implementing the ZOW-concept at several other European locations. In October 2001 the ZOW Pordenone began in Northern Italy as the marketplace for the Mediterranean region, becoming an instant success. In June 2002 the ZOW Madrid was next – an event tailored to the needs of the Iberian and Latin American markets. In all cases, the events are planned as annual platforms for trade visitors. Now new events for Poland are on the agenda and first contacts with Russia get on the way.

Tendency of Globalization and Internationalization

“While maintaining the constants, the new name for the company is much more reflective of its activities then the original one” is the explanation Peter H. Meyer, president of SURVEY, gives for renaming the company. In the new name the tendency for globalization and internationalization are represented as well as the broad spectrum it covers. The denomination also builds solidarity and gives an identity to its subsidiaries in Italy, Spain and Poland, which have used “SURVEY Marketing + Consulting“ from the beginning.

Together with its foreign subsidiaries and the sister company P H MEYER Wirtschaftsberatung, which specializes on public relations for businesses and full-service for trade associations, the business volume for 2002 was 10.8 Mio. €. The plans for 2003 envision a vigorous expansion – particularly abroad – and results of 13.8 Mio. €. “ With profits no longer satisfying, which is not surprising considering the extensive investments in markets that were financed from the cash flow” ascertains Meyer. Notwithstanding its focus on the trade show business, SURVEY is going to reinforce its engagement with “Market and Trend Analysis”. Prospectively, the SURVEY Marketing + Consulting GmbH & Co. KG has on its agenda the further implementation of the ZOW-concept in new growth-oriented markets and the transfer of the concept onto other industries.

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