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Date 05 / 2011
Client Sprela GmbH
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spne1102_b1 Albero

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spne1102_b2 Filato

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spne1102_b3 Marmo forte

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spne1102_b4 Corroso

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spne1102_b5 Mantello

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spne1102_b6 Scritto

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spne1107_b7 Travertino

Natural design!
Sprela presents new collection of trends at interzum

The elements of the new collection of trends being presented by Sprela GmbH at interzum between 25 and 28 May 2011 in Cologne bear melodious names such as Scritto, Filato and Albero. The company which is based in Spremberg, Germany, is a member of the Kronospan Group. Sprela will be showcasing brand new decor ideas in HPL for furniture surfaces, worktops, composite boards, wall designs, window sills and much more at stand D001 in Hall 4.2. The design and colours of the new collection take their cue from nature, lending them a special quality.

Sprela's Scritto, Filato and Albero lines are decor ideas with very high design standards, particularly well suited to innovative wall designs. Scritto is an eye-catching letter-based decor which picks up on the popular trend for black and white and is perfect in the kitchen, as a back panel between the worktop and wall unit for example. The symmetrical pattern of Filato is reminiscent of a woven or knitted structure, presented harmoniously in a natural green shade. This decor reinterprets traditional crafts and gives them a modern twist. Albero is the perfect synthesis of a natural pattern and creative design: dark branches on a cream-coloured background draw the eye in deeper and open up new perspectives.

The new Sprela decors, designed especially for worktops and composite boards, are classic yet mirror the latest designs. Marmo forte is a decor whose typical signs of wear and tear fully embodies the popular 'used look' while naturally making use of a warm hint of cognac. Corroso also follows this innovative trend and features traces of rust which produce an attractive contrast on the blue/green background. Mantello encapsulates the finely marbled structure of eggshell and is the perfect worktop combination with modern kitchen furniture thanks to its bright cream-coloured look. The bolder colours of Travertino and its elegant appeal make it the ideal stone decor in both light and dark shades of grey. The new dull finish is just right for this powerful decorative expression and paves the way for new interior designs.

Metal-look decors are all the rage in the 2011/2012 season and Corroso with its distinctive traces of rust is just one of the new metal looks being presented by Sprela at interzum. The Spremberg-based HPL manufacturer harmonises the modern aluminium material with warm natural shades of beige and brown in its bronze and champagne ranges. This is a totally new design approach that is sure to be a hit. This May's interzum promises plenty of inspiring ideas for modern surface design: at stand D001 in Hall 4.2.

About Sprela

SPRELA GmbH, a member of the Kronospan Group, is a laminate producer based in the north-eastern corner of central Germany. The company has a long tradition of producing laminates for furniture surfaces and other interior products. As an inventor of laminates, SPRELA specialises in HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate). The Kronospan Group always seeks out the work of the Spremberg-based company when looking for innovative decor developments and product solutions. In addition to laminate by the roll, the SPRELA range of products includes kitchen worktop and composite boards, flexible wrapping laminates, melamine edges, window sills and stairway renovation systems. The SPRELA brand is synonymous with outstanding design and functional surfaces. The products are designed for flexible use and satisfy even the most stringent of quality standards.

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