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Date 03 / 2011
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ztne1101_b1: ztne1101_b1: Horst Rudolph (left), managing director at Clarion, with Aykut Engin (right), the new responsible “ZOW Show Manager” in Istanbul. - Photograph: Clarion

ZOW Istanbul 2011: Gateway to Eurasia
Quality initiative for the Turkish supplier fair

The preparations for ZOW Istanbul are in full swing. The supplier fair for the furniture industry and interior design is going to run between 15 and 18 September 2011 at the CNR Expo Centre Istanbul. In order to expand and strengthen the B2B platform’s position on the market, its organiser will be treading new paths in terms of organisation. The younger and highly motivated team is working on optimising all areas of ZOW Istanbul – starting at visitor marketing and the local service quality, to special programmes and the establishment of a Turkish trade fair advisory board.

Ever since ZOW was introduced in 2008, the supplier fair East Westphalia has experienced an enormous upward trend on the Turkish growth market. The ZOW concept, a novelty in Turkey, has been accepted very well. The third edition of ZOW in 2010 brought more than 21,000 visitors and roughly 487 exhibitors from 20 countries to the CNR Expo Centre Istanbul.

In order to maintain this positive development, ZOW Istanbul is going to adopt the tried-and-tested quality standards of its “big sister” ZOW Germany, which is organised by Clarion Survey GmbH (Bielefeld). For months, the quality initiative for ZOW Istanbul has been developed with enthusiasm and new ideas. The foundation for this was established last summer, when Clarion Survey GmbH Germany took over the Turkish trade fair organiser Fuarcılık Danışmanlık Ltd. ŞTİ. as a 100% subsidiary. Ever since then, the management headquarters for the organisation of ZOW in Turkey have been located in Germany. Restructured and supported by competent sales and organisation specialists, the team in Istanbul operates in close cooperation with Clarion Germany. Aykut Engin was elected responsible “ZOW Show Manager”. For the successful implementation of all measures, Clarion has significantly increased the budget for ZOW Istanbul.

A sharp focus, more advantages for market participants

In the future, ZOW’s content will mainly include products and topics characteristic of the supplier industry, making ZOW very different from other trade shows of the sector on the Turkish market. The limelight will be on the classical supplier products such as fittings, panel materials, surfaces and accessories. Starting 2011, ZOW will be dominated by three key topics: modern furniture design, the quality of furniture construction, as well as new materials and trends. For the new edition, visitors will not only be given an understanding of these topics in exhibitor showcases, but also in a series of lectures, which will run for two days. The goal is to support the furniture industries of Turkey and its neighbouring countries, thus generating advantages in competition. With this consistent product and concept strategy, ZOW Istanbul is gaining a long-term position as the competence platform for the suppliers of furniture industry and interior design.

Furthermore, the Turkish players of the sector will be increasingly involved in the planning of ZOW. Modelled on the German ZOW, a trade fair advisory board in which both exhibitors and visitors will be represented, is going to be established in Turkey. Sustainable improvements will also be made in respect to the local service quality. Starting this fall, all participants will be able to enjoy significantly higher standards, from the trade fair’s set-up to ZOW-Catering.

Another component of the ZOW initiative is the comprehensive marketing strategy with the motto “Gateway to Eurasia”. For this, additional growth markets in the Arab world, southern Russia and all around the Southern Mediterranean will be tapped into, along with the domestic market. In addition to the acquisition of exhibitors by the sales team, visitor marketing will be the focus of the import trade fairs in Turkey and other regions, including Northern Africa, the Ukraine, Iran and India. 

Horst Rudolph, managing director at Clarion, says: “We have a fully committed and professional team in Istanbul, with which we will reach new levels of quality with the Turkish ZOW. The sector will already be able to benefit from the results of our labour at ZOW 2011. We are looking forward to a successful development and sustainable strengthening of ZOW on the important Turkish growth market and the neighbouring Eurasian markets.

ZOW Istanbul 2011
15-18 September
CNR Expo Center Istanbul/Turkey

ztne1101_b1: Horst Rudolph (left), managing director at Clarion, with Aykut Engin (right), the new responsible “ZOW Show Manager” in Istanbul. - Photograph: Clarion

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