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Date 02 / 2010
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Segments with widths of 15, 30 and 60 centimetres, which are available in different surface fabrics, patterns and colours form the basis for being able to play around with „play with me“.

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Now, for the first time, „play with me“ was presented to a wide audience at the international furniture trade show imm in Cologne.

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„play with me“ makes living interactive

In general, the purpose of furniture is regarded as being defined. A table is a table and a chair is a chair. „Play with me“ proves that this is not necessarily always true. The creative minds at the Product Design department of the Moysig Retail Design GmbH in Herford came up with the extraordinary concept. It was implemented in close collaboration with the designer team at the upholstery furniture manufacturer Frommholz in Spenge.

The product designers at Moysig think about things in a different way – free from the usual restraints and traditional patterns. One of the results is „play with me“, which has now been presented to a wide audience for the first time at the international furniture trade show imm in Cologne. „Why should you only be able to sit in an easy chair?“ Dirk Moysig, managing director of Moysig, asks. „Today, multifunctionality is expected in many areas. That was our design approach for ‚play with me’. It took a good year to prepare the project for production.“ Frommholz brought in its entire experience. And so, the decision was made for cover fabrics from Kvadrat and a core made of high-quality PUR flexible foam from Nanoform in different qualities.

The user’s instinct to play is provided with unimaginable possibilities. Individual segments with widths of 15, 30 and 50 centimetres, which are available in different surface fabrics, patterns and colours, form the basis for being able to play around. Footrests and pillows which provide additional comfort round off the range of „playful elements”, which invite you to redesign your own living environment over and over again using new combinations.

„Using zip fasteners, the elements can be connected to each another and just as easily be separated again. In doing so, a sofa for 2 can be turned into two individual easy chairs in no time at all or vice versa - several easy chairs can be turned into luxurious seating furniture, which can be optionally extended.“, Sven Stornebel explains on behalf of the entire Moysig design team. Spontaneous guests who decide on spending the night are also no problem at all: cushions of the same thickness – spread out on the floor – turn into a mattress and offer a comfortable place to spend the night. „A different kind of sofa bed“, says Stornebel. „And last but not least, children who love building all kinds of hangouts to play in are provided with unimaginable possibilities.“

Discovering new possibilities is exactly what the product designers at Moysig and the Frommholz design team have set out to accomplish. That also applies to „play with me“. Limited special editions made of classy leather for example with special prints or metallic fabrics are intended to round off the product idea and to inspire collecting, trying out and thinking up different constellations again and again. Furthermore, an expansion of this project for outdoor use is currently being prepared. As we all know, playing outdoors is particularly fun.

The moysig retail design gmbh was established in 1996 by Dirk Moysig. The design and planning agency develops trend-setting shop designs for international brands, among others Puma, Tamaris, Bugatti and Roy Robson. moysig accompanies its clients from the preliminary design to the prototypes to multipliable systems (roll-out planning) – including continuous project management, retail facility services and corporate communications. In addition to the customised staging of rooms and brands, individual object and product design round off the range of services in an ideal manner. Meanwhile, the company, which continues to grow, employs more than 57 employees who ensure the implementation of the projects worldwide with reliable partners on location. Today, moysig retail design gmbh belongs to the top choices for shop design.

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