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Date 05 / 2009
Client iFurn GmbH
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The logos of the iFurn members and software partners.

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The various functions in iFurn bring users quickly and safely to their objective.

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For every product, iFurn shows all the relevant design details.

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iFurn is the new industry service for designers in the furniture industry and the interior fittings segment.

Planning – newly defined
iFurn Databroker as part of the special “innovation of interior” show at the interzum

Innovative materials and products are coming more and more to the fore in the plans of designers, product developers and architects. Incorporating them into these plans is no easy task, as the range of products on offer is immense and comparing and categorising them all is confusing. The online data broker iFurn provides the necessary overview and supplies the industry's creative protagonists with the knowledge of materials, and of how to apply and process them, that they need.

No more diversity of confusing catalogues and cumbersome processes to make your search for the product and material of your choice more difficult. The iFurn Databroker recently started providing a completely new industry service for planners in the furniture industry and the interior fittings segment. In it, all the relevant data on the entire range of supplier products is available online 24 hours a day – from metal fittings to surfaces, from panel materials to adhesives.

The purpose of iFurn is to make data from all the supply areas available next to one another in the same place. The crucial factor is that the system is capable of keeping the data up-to-date and secure at all times for the planning, design and construction processes. New products or alterations can be fed in without any loss of time and can be deployed right away. In this way, speed is combined with precision.

The furniture industry specialists and indoor fittings professionals behind iFurn are imos AG (based in Herford), a specialist in the field of software for furniture production, and the organisers of the furniture and interior fittings suppliers' trade fair ZOW – Zuliefermesse Ostwestfalen. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Prekwinkel, managing director of imos, says: "Our aim is to improve the communication between the suppliers on the one side and the constructors, designers, architects and innovative carpenters on the other. They all need up-to-date information for their everyday work." iFurn's managing director Winfried Dell adds: "Our efforts are focused on improving the ‘time to market’ factor. The Internet, like no other medium, offers the best conditions for establishing a new, pioneering service for the furniture industry."

Searched for easily and found quickly
The basis of iFurn is the visual presentation of and search for the user's desired product. The various search functions take users quickly and securely to what they are looking for. Once the product has been found, not only are all the design details shown with precision; at the same time, information about the accessories required for planning, design and construction is faded in. In addition, related or similar products from the same supplier are made visible so that possible alternatives, too, are shown immediately. "Another advantage," says Winfried Dell, "is that iFurn displays all the suppliers' products together on a single interface. Users aren't required to familiarise themselves with different systems, and furthermore they don't need to create or update their own data."

But iFurn is more than just a search engine pure and simple. The desired data can be imported directly into the user's IT programs – into ERP and industry programs and complex CAD/CAM systems. Although iFurn was developed by the software company imos AG, this does not mean that the product data can reach the designers' and constructors' workplaces and the processing centres' NC programs solely via imos AG's programs. Dell: "One of the most important points in the performance specifications during the development of iFurn was its compatibility with the programs commonly used in the industry. As well as the connection with the imos software, we are currently offering interfaces for OS data systems, 2020 Technologies und PinnCalc."

Platform with diversity
More than 2,300 users have already registered for iFurn. They can currently access products from the following suppliers:
Egger (wood materials)
Eltec (furniture elements)
Hailo (fitted kitchen systems),
Halemeier (lighting systems),
Hettich (metal fittings),
HWB (veneers, wood materials),
Jowat (adhesives),
Klebchemie (adhesives),
MS-Schuon (aluminium parts, glass and wood elements),
Pfleiderer (wood materials),
Rehau (edge strips),
Schock Metallwerk (drawer rails),
Senoplast (foils),
Tente (castor rollers),
Thermopal (wood materials, coatings),
Vauth-Sagel (modular packaging systems),
VD-Werkstätten (fronts, relief panels),
Wodego (wood materials).

The launch offer for iFurn users is still valid: Users can still use all the functions of the online database completely free of charge up to 31.12.2009. To register, please go to the start page at: www.ifurn.net.

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