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Date 11 / 2007
Client Clarion Events Deutschland GmbH
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Crowds at ZOW in Moscow.

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Edging materials for wood-based panels.

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Product presentations grab attention at ZOW.

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ZOW enhances the communication process.

ZOW attracts large Crowds in Moscow
Furniture Supply Show 2007 for the first time at Expocentr

ZOW in Moscow, which was held at Expocentr for the first time this year in parallel with Mebel, was a complete success. 110 exhibitors at the show attracted nearly 10,000 visitors, which is a 100% increase compared to last year. Customers from the furniture and interior design industry took advantage of the opportunity to see all of the latest fittings, surfaces, materials and semi-finished products while the Russian furniture show was in progress. Most of the visitors at ZOW were from Russia and the former CIS countries, but a large number of international guests traveled to Moscow as well.

“We are pleased with the success of the event,” said Peter H. Meyer, President of ZOW organizer Survey Marketing + Consulting GmbH & Co. KG. “It has taken a while for ZOW in Moscow to gain momentum, but we have now achieved a breakthrough.” The workshop atmosphere and a whole range of individual services for exhibitors have been well received in Russia. Industry professionals were particularly impressed with the quality of the customer contacts, which was reflected in the sales that were made at the show. “The Mebel/ ZOW doubleheader is a winning formula, and we will use it again next year,” commented Meyer.

ZOW in Moscow focused on the trends in the supplies industry for the 2008 furniture season. The fittings category featured the latest sophisticated technology, elegant styling, non-wearing materials, hygienic coatings, compact design and variable adjustment mechanisms. Coatings and finishes emphasize intrinsic value and character. Decors exploit the expressive appearance of walnut and fruit wood, but exotic wood such as palisander and teak are also becoming increasingly popular. Manufacturers offer a surprising range of stone and genuine metal decors as well as effect overlays for discerning tastes.

The MIFIC Moscow International Furniture Industry Congress ran in parallel with ZOW again in 2007, offering an extensive program of talks, workshops, discussion forums, exhibitions and matchmaking for the international furniture industry. Well-known speakers from around the world and high-profile visitors from the political and business arena make MIFIC a key date on the annual event calendar for exhibitors and trade visitors. “See and be seen” is what it is all about, and trade professionals often make key contacts which lead to firm orders.

The Moscow event marks the end of the ZOW 2007 trade show season. All eyes are now turned towards Istanbul in Turkey, where next year’s first ZOW show will be held from January 31st to February 3rd, 2008. Given the geographical proximity, the expanding Turkish market will undoubtedly be an attractive target for Russian suppliers. The next ZOW show in Moscow is scheduled for November 24th - 28th, 2008, and it will be held at the Expocentr in parallel with Mebel.

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